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International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics
biannual international conference sponsored by The Chinese Ceramic Society

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Conference Secretariat: ccs-cicc@vip.163.com; cicc@ccs-cicc.com
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Sponsored by the Chinese Ceramic Society in 1998, the International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC) series, as a biannual international ceramic conference, aims at providing an international forum for presentation, discussion and review of the latest advance in science and technology of high-performance ceramics. During the past years, the CICC series has developed to be the largest international conference on ceramics held in China and also an important international ceramic conference in Asia. Since 1998 when the first conference in this series, CICC-1, was held in Beijing, CICC series attracted more and more scholars and graduate students to join together and exchange information in all areas related to the recent development in the field of high-performance ceramics.

The Chinese Ceramic Society cordially invites the scholars and graduate students who working in the field of high-performance ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics, fine ceramics) to participate in and present the latest findings in the forthcoming conference in the CICC series.


International Advisory Committee

Zhou, Yan-Chun (China)
Koumoto, Kunihito (Japan)
Kim, Ik Jin (Korea)

Barsoun, M.W. (USA)
Chen, I-W. (USA)
Chartier, T. (France)
Clarke, D.R. (USA)
Colombo, P. (Italy)
Ferreira, J.M.F. (Portugal)
Goto, T. (Japan)
Hoffman, M.J. (Germany)
Ishikawa, T. (Japan)
Kang, S.J.L. (Korea)
Krenkel, W. (Germany)
Lee, W.E. (UK)
Li, J.-F. (China)
Lin, H.-T. (China)
Low, I.M. (Australia)
Mandal, H. (Turkey)
Messing, G.L. (USA)
Miele, P. (France)
Mitic, V.V. (Serbia)
Naito, M. (Japan)
Nishibori, E.i (Japan)
Oh, Y.-J. (Korea)
Ohji, T. (Japan)
Pandolfelli, V.C. (Brazil)
Pedzich, Z. (Poland)
Riedel, R. (Germany)
Sajgalik, P. (Slovakia)
Sakka, Y. (Japan)
Shimamura, K. (Japan)
Studart, A.R. (Switzerland)
Suvorov, D. (Slovenia)
Todd, R. (UK)
Tuan, W.-H. (Taiwan)
Weber, W.J. (USA)
Winnubst, L. (The Netherlands)
Zhang, G.-J. (China)

An Overview of the Past Conferences in the CICC Series