Secretary General of CICC-11: Dr. Jianghong Gong (Email:;;
  • Important 2019.03.15: The Scientific Programme (Final), the Abstract Book (Final) and the List of Participants of CICC-11 have been uploaded. Please download these files if needed.

  • Important 2019.04.03: Please download the Guidelines for Attending CICC-11.

  • Please download the Final Circular of CICC-11.

  • 2019.01.05: Abstract submission to CICC-11 is still open. If you plan to attend CICC-11, please submit your abstract to us before January 30.

  • 2019.01.05: We have sent an e-mail to each of authors who submitted abstract(s) to CICC-11 before the deadline to announce the acceptance of the submitted abstract. If you did not receive the message, please contact us, via e-mail to, as early as possible.
  • 2018.02.02: The plenary lectures of CICC-11 have been confirmed. The lectures include: Prof. J. Binner (UK), Prof. Y. Ikuhara (Japan), Prof. C.A. Randall (USA), and Dr. D. Singh (USA).

  • 2017.11.05: CICC-10 was closed. Thanks to all the participants for their kind assistance and kind cooperation during the organization of CICC-10.



| Registration Fees | Method of Payments | Confirmation and Invoice |
| Registration Changes | Letter of Invitation | Correspondence |

All the participants, including invited speakers, the presenting authors of all oral and poster presentations, and accompanying persons, are required to register to the conference, including submitting a registration form and paying the registration fees.

If you plan to attend CICC-11, please complete the Registration Form and return it to the Conference Secretariat before February 1, 2019, via e-mail ( A separate form is required for each participant except the accompanying persons.

Download the Registration Form

Registration Fees

The fees for participating in the Conference and Social Events are as follows:

Invited speakers / Symposium organizer
Before March 1, 2019
USD 700
USD 600
USD 400
USD 200
From March 2 to April 10, 2019
USD 800
USD 700
USD 500
USD 200
RMB 6000
RMB 5000
RMB 3500
RMB 1500

The registration fees listed above include: administrative costs; all programme materials (not for accompanying persons); admittance to all conference sessions; lunches on conference days (May 26, 27, 28 and 29) and Closing Banquet (evening of May 29).

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Method of Payments

Early Payment: We strongly suggest that the participants make the payment of the registration fees in advance (before April 10, 2019). Early payment should be made in US dollars (USD) only and free of banking charges by remitting the money to the back account of the conference given below (will be available soon):

Account Name: Hunan Leze International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Account No.: 7319 0722 1310 801
Bank: China Merchants Bank, Changsha Branch
Address: 6/F, Zhongtian Plaza, No. 766, Wuyi Road, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China
Swift Code: CMBCCNBS341
Message: CICC-11

After making the payment, please drop an e-mail to to inform us. It would be grateful if you could send us a copy of the bank's receipt for remittance to avoid the possible trouble.

About the banking charges: In general, your remittance can be received in full amount if the remitting bank and Bank of China (BOC) both have accounts opened in each otherí»s bank. If not, remittance must go through a bank or several banks to forward the remittance to BOC. Each bank will collect fees from the amount. As a result, amount received by us may possibly less than the original amount you remitted. So please contact your bank for the details about the banking charges before you make the payment. Please note that, if the remittance credited into the conference account is less than the registration fees you should pay, we will inform you as soon as possible and you will be kindly asked to pay the difference at the Registration Desk.

On-Site Payment: Payment may also be made at the Conference Registration Desk on May 25, 2019. On-site payment should be made in Chinese RMB (CNY) in the form of cash or credit cards. Major credit cards are acceptable.

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Confirmation and Invoice

All registrations and payments will be confirmed by e-mail as early as possible.

For early payment, we will prepare a receipt when we receive the registration fees and send it in PDF format to the participant via e-mail before the Conference. If you need a hard copy of the receipt, please contact the conference staff at the Registration Desk when you make the on-site registration on May 25, 2019.

For on-site payment, you may ask the staff at the Registration Desk to write a receipt for you.

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Registration Changes

If you need to make changes to your existing registration or you are replacing a person already registered, please contact the Conference Secretariat before April 1, 2019.

Cancellation of an existing registration should be submitted in writing (e-mail) to If the cancellation is required before April 1, 2019, refund of the pre-paid registration fee will be made and a cancellation charge of 30% will be reduced from the fees. The refund will be issued within four to six weeks following the completion of the Conference.

However, no refund will be made for cancellation requests received later than April 1, 2019.

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Letter of Invitation

If you require a letter of invitation for the purpose of visa application, please read the information given in Visa Application Page and complete and return the Personal Data Sheet to as early as possible.

If you require a letter of invitation for other purpose, please contact Dr. Jianghong Gong, the Conference Secretary General, via e-mail ( We will prepare the requested invitation letter and e-mail to you within one week.

In any case, an invitation letter issued by the Conference does not imply any financial obligation on the part of the Conference Organizers.

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Questions about Registration

We are pleased to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact Conference Secretariat at

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