Secretary General of CICC-11: Dr. Jianghong Gong (Email:;;
  • 2018.02.02: The plenary lectures of CICC-11 have been confirmed. The lectures include: Prof. J. Binner (UK), Prof. Y. Ikuhara (Japan), Prof. C.A. Randall (USA), and Dr. D. Singh (USA).

  • 2017.11.05: CICC-10 was closed. Thanks to all the participants for their kind assistance and kind cooperation during the organization of CICC-10.

List of Symposia
(Details about eah symposium will be available at the beginning of March of 2018)

(A) Powder processing and forming technology for advanced ceramics

(B) Flash and other field assisted sintering techniques: beyond materials consolidation

(C) 3D-print of ceramics

(D) Mechanical behavior and structural applications of ceramics and composites

(E) Advanced structural ceramics for extreme environments

(F) Polymer derived ceramics

(G) Borides and boron related materials

(H) Advanced materials for next generation nuclear energy

(I) Advanced Refractories

(J) Ecofriendly geopolymer and geopolymer-developed ceramics

(K) Ceramic films and coatings for structural and functional applications

(L) Tribology of ceramics

(M) Transparent ceramics and luminescent materials

(N) Dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectrics

(O) Perovskite

(P) Lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

(Q) Magnetic and multiferroic ceramics

(R) Semiconducting ceramics and films

(S) Emerging materials for energy harvesting and storage

(T) Thermoelectric materials and devices for energy conversion

(U) Porous and cellular ceramics

(V) Advances in bioceramics

(W) Functional ceramics for environmental applications

(X) Virtual materials design and ceramic genome