Secretary General of CICC-11: Dr. Jianghong Gong (Email:;;
  • Important 2019.03.15: The Scientific Programme (Final), the Abstract Book (Final) and the List of Participants of CICC-11 have been uploaded. Please download these files if needed.

  • Important 2019.04.03: Please download the Guidelines for Attending CICC-11.

  • Please download the Final Circular of CICC-11.

  • 2019.01.05: Abstract submission to CICC-11 is still open. If you plan to attend CICC-11, please submit your abstract to us before January 30.

  • 2019.01.05: We have sent an e-mail to each of authors who submitted abstract(s) to CICC-11 before the deadline to announce the acceptance of the submitted abstract. If you did not receive the message, please contact us, via e-mail to, as early as possible.
  • 2018.02.02: The plenary lectures of CICC-11 have been confirmed. The lectures include: Prof. J. Binner (UK), Prof. Y. Ikuhara (Japan), Prof. C.A. Randall (USA), and Dr. D. Singh (USA).

  • 2017.11.05: CICC-10 was closed. Thanks to all the participants for their kind assistance and kind cooperation during the organization of CICC-10.


Guidelines for Visa Application

It generally needs a visa for a foreigner to enter China. If you need an invitation letter for visa application, please read this page carefully.

We may provide two kinds of invitation letters. The first kind of invitation letter (Private Invitation Letter) is signed by the Conference Organizing Committee. Such an invitation letter is enough for applying for a visa in Chinese Embassy in many countries. The second kind of invitation letter (Official Invitation Letter) is signed by the Government with a red stamp. In some countries, this kind of invitation letter is necessary for applying for visa in Chinese Embassy.

If you need an invitation letter for visa application, please complete the Personal Data Sheet and return it to as early as possible when you decide to attend the conference. We will prepare a Private Invitation Letter and email it in PDF format to you within one week. We suggest that, once you receive the Private Invitation Letter from us, you have better to contact the Chinese Embassy immediately to check its suitability for visa application. If an official invitation letter is needed, please contact us as soon as possible.

To ask for an official invitation letter, you should provide us a scanned copy of your passport via e-mail. We will prepare the official invitation letter and send the letter to the applicant, mainly by fax or e-mail. If you need a hard copy of the official invitation letter, you should pay a postage of RMB200 when making the on-site registration.

Please note that the official invitation letter can be prepared only before the conference and it usually needs more than 20 days for getting the approval from the Government. The applicants may receive the scanned copy of the invitation letter at the end of April of 2019.

Click to download Personal Data Sheet for Visa application