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Plenary Speakers

Binner, Jon (UK)
Ikuhara, Yuichi (Japan)
Randall, Clive A. (USA)
Singh, Dileep (USA)

Keynote Speakers
(to be added)

Bordia, R. (USA)
Fahrenholtz, W. (USA)
Geffroy, P.M. (France)
Graule, T. (Switzerland)
Hinoki, T. (Japan)
Ikesue, A. (Japan)
Li, J.G. (Japan)
Liu, J.H. (China)
Olevsky, E. (USA)
Reimanis, I.E. (USA)
Riedel, R. (Germany)
Szafran, M. (Poland)
Vasylkiv, O. (Japan)
Vassen, R. (Germany)
Weber, W.J. (USA)
Yamashita, H. (Japan)

Invited talk
Carbone and catalysis in recycling CO2

Tiow-Gan Ong
Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Prof. Li graduated with honor from Tsinghua University in 2000, where he got his double bachelor of engineering degree in materials science and engineering (major) and computer technology and application (minor). From 2000 to 2007, he studied in the department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he got his MS and Ph.D. degrees. From 2007 to 2009, he worked as a post-doctoral research associate in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2009, he joined the faculty of Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences as a professor, and is now leading the Environment Functional Materials Division as the deputy director.

Symposium W: Functional ceramics for environmental applications

Invited Speakers
(to be added)

Biesuz, M. (Italy)
Chan, Y.T. (Taiwan)
Cologna, M. (Germany)
Delaunay, J.J. (Japan)
Furuse, H. (Japan)
Hintzen, H.T. (Netherland)
Kita, H. (Japan)
Kuo, C.H. (Taiwan)
Lee, S.H. (Korea)
Li, J. (China)
Li, J.Q. (China)
Li, Q. (China)
Lleonart, J.R.M. (Spain)
Lu, K. (USA)
Masuda, Y. (Japan)
Mimura, K. (Japan)
Morita, K. (Japan)
Mortier, M. (France)
Motz, G. (Germany)
Ni, D.W. (China)
Ogla, F. (Germany)
Ong, T.G. (Taiwan)
Peng, C.H. (Taiwan)
Shklover, V. (Switzerland)
Soraru, G.D. (Italy)
Tao, S.Y. (China)
Wang, H. (China)
Wang, K.Y. (China)
Wu, Y.Q. (USA)
Vandeperre, L. (UK)
Yang, W.Y. (China)
Zhang, S.J. (Australia)
Zhou, S.M. (China)
Zhou, Y. (Japan)
Zhou, Y.C. (China)
Zych, E. (Poland)