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Plenary Speakers

Binner, Jon (UK)
Ikuhara, Yuichi (Japan)
Randall, Clive A. (USA)
Singh, Dileep (USA)

Keynote Speakers
(to be added)

Azuma, M. (Japan)
Bando, Y. (China)
Bell, A.J. (UK)
Bordia, R. (USA)
Ching, W.Y. (USA)
Fahrenholtz, W. (USA)
Geffroy, P.M. (France)
Graule, T. (Switzerland)
Harris, V. (USA)
Hilmas, G. (USA)
Hinoki, T. (Japan)
Ikesue, A. (Japan)
Isao, T. (Japan)
Kim, Y.W. (Korea)
Levy, E. (Germany)
Li, J.G. (Japan)
Liu, J.H. (China)
Luo, J. (USA)
Olevsky, E. (USA)
Reaney, I. (UK)
Reimanis, I.E. (USA)
Riedel, R. (Germany)
Rosei, F. (Canada)
Silvestroni, L. (Italy)
Sun, N.X. (USA)
Szafran, M. (Poland)
Tanemura, S. (Japan)
Tatami, J. (Japan)
Vasylkiv, O. (Japan)
Vassen, R. (Germany)
Wang, You (China)
Weber, W.J. (USA)
Woydt, M. (Germany)
Yamashita, H. (Japan)
Zhang, Y.W. (USA)
Zhu, Y.F. (China)

Plenary lecture
Chemically bonded phosphate ceramics:
from laboratory development to field applications

Dileep Singh
Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Dr. Dileep Singh is a Senior Materials Scientist and Manager of Thermal and Structural Materials group at Argonne National Laboratory, USA. Dr. Singh obtained his Ph. D. in Materials Science from the University of Utah (USA), M. S. and B. Tech. in Metallurgical Engineering from Wayne State University (USA) and Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur), respectively. He has contributed to over 160 publications, edited several conference proceedings, and holds 22 U.S. and international patents. His groups current research activities include thermal energy storage, development of high-performance materials for thermal and light weighting applications, advanced materials characterization techniques, and innovative materials-based solutions for enhancing heat transfer.

Dr. Singh is a co-inventor of the low-temperature phosphate ceramic material, CeramicreteTM, and has worked extensively in the development of phosphate ceramics for structural, nuclear materials storage, and oil and gas applications. Dr. Singh is Fellow of the American Society of Metals and the American Ceramic Society, and an Academician of the World Academy of Ceramics. He is a recipient of several national/international awards including, two R&D 100 awards, Lee Hsun award from Institute of Metals Research (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Distinguished Engineering award from the Engineers Council (USA), and Federal Laboratory Consortium award for technology transfer. Currently, he serves on the editorial boards of International Materials Review, Applied Ceramics Technology, and Journal of Engineering Materials & Performance. Dr. Singh is a past Chair of the Engineering Ceramics Division of the American Ceramic Society.

Invited Speakers
(to be added)

Bai, Y.L. (China)
Biesuz, M. (Italy)
Castano, V.M. (Mexico)
Chen, X.M. (China)
Chan, Y.T. (Taiwan)
Cheon, I.C. (Korea)
Cologna, M. (Germany)
Cooper, V. (USA)
Delaunay, J.J. (Japan)
Dong, F. (China)
Fan, Y.C. (China)
Feng, J. (China)
Fonseca, F.C. (Brazil)
Furuse, H. (Japan)
Hintzen, H.T. (Netherland)
Hong, J.W. (China)
Jeon, J.H. (Korea)
Jeong, S.J. (Korea)
Jo, W. (Korea)
Kim, B.N. (Japan)
Kim, I.W. (Korea)
Kim, M.H. (Korea)
Kita, H. (Japan)
Koruza, J. (Germany)
Kuo, C.H. (Taiwan)
Lee, J.S. (Korea)
Lee, S.H. (Korea)
Lee, Y. (Korea)
Li, J. (China)
Li, J.Q. (China)
Li, Q. (China)
Liao, T. (Australia)
Liu, B. (China)
Lleonart, J.R.M. (Spain)
Lu, H.Y. (China)
Lu, K. (USA)
Ma, Q.L. (Germany)
Masuda, Y. (Japan)
Meng, F.L. (China)
Mimura, K. (Japan)
Mo, Y.F. (USA)
Morita, K. (Japan)
Mortier, M. (France)
Motz, G. (Germany)
Ni, D.W. (China)
Ogla, F. (Germany)
Ong, T.G. (Taiwan)
Peng, C.H. (Taiwan)
Roy, A.L. (Hong Kong)
Serquis, A. (Argentina)
Sheindlin, M. (Russia)
Shih, T.H. (Korea)
Shklover, V. (Switzerland)
Singh, David (USA)
Smeacetto, F. (Italy)
Song, T.K. (Korea)
Soraru, G.D. (Italy)
Tan, X.L. (USA)
Tao, S.Y. (China)
Tsai, C.L. (Germany)
Vandeperre, L. (UK)
Wang, H. (China)
Wang, J.Y. (China)
Wang, K. (China)
Wang, K.Y. (China)
Wang, R.P. (Japan)
Wang, Y.G. (China)
Wu, J.G. (China)
Wu, Y.Q. (USA)
Xiang, H.M. (China)
Xu, K. (China)
Yan, H.X. (UK)
Yang, K.S. (USA)
Yang, W.Y. (China)
Yu, H.J. (China)
Zeng, Q.F. (China)
Zhai, J.W. (China)
Zhang, J.F. (China)
Zhang, J.L. (China)
Zhang, K.B. (China)
Zhang, N. (China)
Zhang, S.J. (Australia)
Zhou, S.M. (China)
Zhou, Y. (Japan)
Zhou, Y.C. (China)
Zhu, J.J. (USA)
Zych, E. (Poland)