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Plenary Speakers

Binner, Jon (UK)
Ikuhara, Yuichi (Japan)
Randall, Clive A. (USA)
Singh, Dileep (USA)

Keynote Speakers
(to be added)

Bordia, R. (USA)
Fahrenholtz, W. (USA)
Geffroy, P.M. (France)
Graule, T. (Switzerland)
Hinoki, T. (Japan)
Ikesue, A. (Japan)
Li, J.G. (Japan)
Liu, J.H. (China)
Olevsky, E. (USA)
Reimanis, I.E. (USA)
Riedel, R. (Germany)
Szafran, M. (Poland)
Vasylkiv, O. (Japan)
Vassen, R. (Germany)
Weber, W.J. (USA)
Yamashita, H. (Japan)

Design of plasmonic catalysts for efficient H2 production from hydrogen carrier molecules

Hiromi Yamashita
Osaka University, Japan

Prof. Hiromi Yamashita has been a professor of Osaka University since 2004.He received PhD degree from Kyoto University in 1987. He was an assistant professor of Tohoku University, an associate professor of Osaka Prefecture University. He is now an editor of Applied Catalysis Band a vice-president of Asia-Pacific Association of Catalysis Societies (APACS). He received awards from Catalysis Society of Japan, Japanese Photochemistry Association, the Japan Petroleum Institute, the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials and Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry.

Symposium W: Functional ceramics for environmental applications

Invited Speakers
(to be added)

Biesuz, M. (Italy)
Chan, Y.T. (Taiwan)
Cologna, M. (Germany)
Delaunay, J.J. (Japan)
Furuse, H. (Japan)
Hintzen, H.T. (Netherland)
Kita, H. (Japan)
Kuo, C.H. (Taiwan)
Lee, S.H. (Korea)
Li, J. (China)
Li, J.Q. (China)
Li, Q. (China)
Lleonart, J.R.M. (Spain)
Lu, K. (USA)
Masuda, Y. (Japan)
Mimura, K. (Japan)
Morita, K. (Japan)
Mortier, M. (France)
Motz, G. (Germany)
Ni, D.W. (China)
Ogla, F. (Germany)
Ong, T.G. (Taiwan)
Peng, C.H. (Taiwan)
Shklover, V. (Switzerland)
Soraru, G.D. (Italy)
Tao, S.Y. (China)
Wang, H. (China)
Wang, K.Y. (China)
Wu, Y.Q. (USA)
Vandeperre, L. (UK)
Yang, W.Y. (China)
Zhang, S.J. (Australia)
Zhou, S.M. (China)
Zhou, Y. (Japan)
Zhou, Y.C. (China)
Zych, E. (Poland)