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Plenary Speakers

Binner, Jon (UK)
Ikuhara, Yuichi (Japan)
Randall, Clive A. (USA)
Singh, Dileep (USA)

Keynote Speakers
(to be added)


We are now contacting the candidates of the speakers for the plenary lectures, keynotes, invited talks for CICC-11. Once confirmed, the information will be given in this page.

One can view the details about each speaker by clicking the name listed in the left or the right column.
CICC-11 will be organized with several symposia, each consisting of several keynotes and invited talks,as well as oral presentations. If you want to give an invited talk at the forthcoming CICC-11, please contact directly the co-organizer of the appropriate symposium before March 15, 2018.

Invited Speakers
(to be added)