Dr. Federico Cernuschi
RSE, Italy

Invited talk
Thermophysical, microstructural characterisation and non-destructive control of advanced and self-healing TBCs by photothermal and thermographic techniques

Federico Cernuschi, the head of the Materials for Energy Research Group at RSE, gained degrees in physics at Universit¨¤ degli Studi of Milan. Since 1990 he has worked on the development and application of advanced non-destructive techniques for integrity assessment of power plants components and for the characterisation of coatings and materials for energy applications. He has been involved in the development of thermal spraying processes by HVOF, plasma spray techniques and laser cladding.

As head of the research group, he coordinates 22 researchers and technicians performing theoretical and experimental studies on innovative materials for energy. In particular research activities are focused on developing and/or characterizing advanced engineered materials, electrochemistry and functional materials for energy applications, such as materials for thin films PV, transparent conductive coatings, electro-chemical storage, membranes for high temperature hydrogen or oxygen separation, thermal barrier coatings, monolithic ceramics, ceramics matrix composites, gas turbine superalloys and alloys for USC power plants. He has been responsible for EU funded projects on NDE&T, TBC, CMC materials and laser cladding and COST actions 501 and 522, 536 and 538. He is author of more than 60 papers published on international reviews or presented at conferences about these topics.

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