Prof. Per Eklund
Linkoping University, Sweden

Invited talk
Ti3AuC2, Ti3Au2C2 and Ti3IrC2 by noble-metal substitution reaction in Ti3SiC2
Associate Professor PerEklund established his research group as tenure-track assistant professor in Linkoping in 2009, recruited from a postdoc at Arhus, where he initiated his activities on thermoelectrics and ionic conductors. Today tenured associate professor, he has established himself as an internationally recognized scientist at the forefront of the wider area of thin-film ceramics for energy applications. Notable contributions are the discoveries of the anoma-lously high thermoelectric power factor of ScN thin filmsand its theoretical explanation [see review Eklund et al. J. Mater Chem C 4, 3905 2016] andoxide thin films for thermoelectrics and fuel cells [e.g., Advanced Electronic Materials 1, 1400022 2015, Advanced Energy Materials 3, 923 2013, J Appl Phys, 113, 046101 2013, Thin Solid Films 624, 41 2017]. Eklund has made large contributions in developing thin-film growth of Mn+1AXn phases and their electronic and thermoelectric properties [see reviews Eklund et al Thin Solid Films 518, 1851 2010 and J. Phys. D. 50,113001 (2017)]. A most recent highlight is the formation of novel noble-metal-intercalated MAX phases with extreme temperature stability as Ohmic contacts to SiC, for applications in sensors and high-power devices [Fashandi, Ą­, Eklund, Nature Materials 2017 DOI: 10.1038/NMAT4896].

Eklund has attracted large prestigious external grants including the ERC Starting Grant, the SSF Future Research Leaders, and Wallenberg Academy Fellow, as well as innovation-oriented projects with industry. He is Deputy Director of the VINNOVA Competence Center FunMat-II. Furthermore, Eklund has extensive international experience with extended visits in France (Visiting Professor in Poitiers and Paris) and the US (Drexel Univ., Univ. Illinois, and Brookhaven NatĄŻl Lab), and research exchanges in China and India. He has received numerous prestigious grants and awards (see CV). Eklundhas ~120 published articles with ~2700 citations and an h index of 28. He is Editor of Vacuumand a frequently consulted referee, including by top journals such as Advanced Materials, PNAS, Nano Letters, and Applied Physics Letters.

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