Dr. Jesus Gonzalez-Julian
Forschungszentrun Julich GmbH, Germany

Invited talk
MAX phases composites for high temperature applications
Dr. Jesus Gonzalez-Julian is the young group leader of the ¡°Ceramic Matrix Composite¡± group in the Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-1) at ForschungszentrumJ¨¹lich (Germany), thanks to a program funded by the ¡°Bundesministeriumf¨¹rBildung und Forschung¡± (Federal Ministry of Education and Research). He is currently working on MAX phase composites for high temperature applications, focusing on the synthesis of pure MAX phases, processing of composites, near net shaping, densification, and characterization at high temperature. His experience with ceramic matrix composites started during his PhD in the Institute of Ceramic and Glass (Spain), developing dense silicon nitride composites containing carbon nanotubes. Processing of the composites, densification by Spark Plasma Sintering and characterization of tribological, mechanical, thermal and electrical properties were evaluated during that time. Afterwards, he moved to the Otto Schott Institute at Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) to investigate the effect of electric field/current during the densification of ceramic materials. During this period, he visited during 6 months the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics at Imperial College (United Kingdom)to work with Ultra High Temperature Ceramics composites and their response at high temperature. Then, he moved to the Institute of Energy and Climate Research at ForschungszentrumJ¨¹lich (Germany) to work in the consolidation of novel ceramic materials for energy applications. After a couple of years, he obtained his current position as a group leader in the field of ceramic matrix composites for high temperature applications, using mainly MAX phases.

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