Dr. Emmanuel Guilmeau
CRISMAT Laboratory, Caen, France

Invited talk
Processing of copper-based complex sulphides for thermoelectric applications
Dr Emmanuel Guilmeau is a CNRS permanent researcher in CRISMAT Laboratory (Caen, France). After receiving his Ph.D. in Materials Science in 2003 from the University of Caen, he spent a year as postdoctoral researcher in the group of Dr. Ryoji Funahashi in Osaka (Japan). In 2004, he was a postdoc at LCIS laboratory in LiĘĘge (Belgium) and then moved to CRISMAT laboratory in 2005. His main research interests focus on the synthesis and characterization of bulk thermoelectric materials, such as oxides and chalcogenides. He has co-authored more than 120 peer-reviewed publications, 2 book chapters and 2 patents in inorganic materials chemistry and physics.

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