Dr. Byung-Nam Kim
NIMS, Japan

Invited talk
Evaluation of densification kinetics during isothermal sintering of zirconia
Byung-Nam Kim is a chief researcher of Research Center for Functional Materialsin National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan. Dr. Kim holds PhD degreein materials science (1992)from The University of Tokyo, Japan. He worked as a research associate in Tokyo Metropolitan University and in The University of Tokyo for 5 years before moving to NIMS. His research focused on the deformation and fracture of ceramic materials. His current research activity is the field-assisted sintering of high-performance ceramics, densification kinetics of powder compacts and theoretical modeling of sintering. He has produced nearly 150 publications including a paper in Nature on high-strain-rate superplastic ceramics. He was also a visiting scholar in University of Pennsylvania (2003), and in Korea Institute of Materials Science (2011).

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