Dr. Koji Morita

National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
Invited talk

High strength transparent polycrystalline spinel ceramics fabricated by SPS technique

Koji Morita is a senior researcher of Research Center for Functional Materials at National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Tsukuba, Japan.

He received his bachelor degree from the Kumamoto Univ. in 1992, and his doctor of Engineering (Dr. Eng.) degree from Kyushu Univ. in 1997. After he finished the Dr degree, he joined NIMS as a researcher. For two years from October 2010 to October 2012, he stayed at Darmstadt Univ. of Technology Germany (Prof. Riedel group) as a visiting researcher.

He has studiedhigh temperature phenomena of oxide ceramics, such as superplastic & creep deformations, sintering, transparent ceramics and have published more than 100 papers to international journals. His recent research interest is the fabrication of transparent oxide ceramics by spark-plasma-sintering (SPS) technique.

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