Prof. Young-Jei Oh
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea

Invited talk
Alternative transparent conducting Nanomaterials

Young-Jei OH is a Distinguished Principal Research Scientist at theOpto-Electronics Materials & Devices Research Center in the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) since 1982. He is also serving currently as a professor at the Department of Nano Materials Science and Engineering in the University of Science and Technology (UST, ¡®08~) as well as an adjunct professor in the Yonsei University (¡®95~¡¯12) and the Korea University (¡®04~). He received a Ph.D. degree from the Yonsei University, Seoul (¡®87) and a Dr. Sci. degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT), Japan (¡®07). He visited as a Post-Doc. Research Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA (¡®88~¡®89) and as a JSPSvisiting scholar at the TIT (¡®04).

Dr. OH has published more than 160 papers on functional ceramics and nano materials, and 65 patents in domestic and abroad. He transfers several research results to the industry: oxygen sensors, ceramic sheets manufacturing and nanomaterials. He was Director of Technology Business Incubator Center in KIST (¡®00~¡®01) and a member of the Russian Academy of Engineering (¡¯00~), and the International Academy of Engineering (¡¯02~). Dr. OH also served as President of the Korean Sensors Society (¡®10), and Chairman of the Scientists¡¯ Association of the KIST (¡¯11~¡¯12), and President of the Scientists and Engineers¡¯ Association of National Research Institutes (SEANRI, ¡¯13~¡®14), and Committee member of the Expert Committee on Policy Coordination of the National Science & Technology Council (¡¯13~¡¯15), Korea. At present time, he is President of the Korean Ceramic Society, and Chairman of the Execute Committee of the Korea United Science and Technology Association (KUSTA).

He is the recipient of academic awards from the KIST, the Korean Sensors Society, the Korean Ceramic Society, the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies, Letters of Commendation of Ministeron Academic-Industrial Cooperation,and also on R&D Selected 100 Awardsfrom the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology, respectively. Dr. OH has received Uppermost Engineer Award as Proud from the Yonsei University Alumni, Letter of Commendation on Patent Promotion from the Governmental Patent Office, Korea Veteran Family Award from the Military Manpower Administration. Last year(2015) he received the Order of Science and Technological Merit, UNGBI from the President of the Republic of Korea.

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