Prof. Rajeev Ranjan

Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India
Invited talk
Understanding the structural complexities in
Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 and its derivatives

Professor Rajeev Ranjan is currently an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India. He received Ph. D in Materials Science in the Year 2000 from Banaras Hindu University, India, and was recipient of the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship in 2006-2007. His research interest is focused on understanding structure-property correlations in ferroelectric and multiferroic materialsusing a variety of complementary techniques such as Raman, x-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, electron microscopy, etc. In the recent years, using structural characterization as a function of electric field, the group has investigated the role of phase transformation and domain wall motion in high performance piezoceramics. Professor Ranjan has published ~ 120 research papers, and is a member of the American Ceramic Society.

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