Prof. Ivar Reimanis

Colorado School of Mines, USA
Invited talk
Surfaces and interfaces in oxides under oxidizing and reducing conditions: the effect of nickel
Ivar Reimanis is the Herman F. Coors Distinguished Professor of Ceramic Engineering in the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department at Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. He serves as Director of the Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics. Dr. Reimanis earned a BS in Materials Science and Engineering at Cornell University in 1984, a MS in Materials Science and Mineral Engineering at University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD in Materials at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1990. He spent a year under a Max Planck Institute postdoctoral fellowship in Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Reimanis worked as a postdoc at Los Alamos National Laboratory after which he served as a technical staff member until 1994 when he joined the Colorado School of Mines. He spent a sabbatical at the University of Western Australia in Perth in 2002 as a Gledden Visiting Senior Fellow and was awarded a United States Fulbright award in 2007 to spend a semester at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Dr. Reimais is a Fellow of the American Ceramic Society, and he has served on ACerS Board of Directors and has volunteered in several other roles within ACerS. Dr. Reimanis has authored or co-authored 110 refereed papers and five patents.

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