Dr. Luc J.M. Vandeperre
Imperical College London, UK

Invited talk
Porous UHTC's for transpiration cooling
Dr Luc Vandeperre has worked in academia and industry and is currently a Reader at Imperial College London, UK, where he has received both a Rector¡¯s Award for Teaching Excellence and a President¡¯s Award for Pastoral Care. He is the director of the EPSRC Imperial College-University of Cambridge-Open University Centre for Doctoral Training in Nuclear Energy and the deputy director of the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3) and of the Higher Education Academy of the UK. His research interests are in processing and properties of advanced ceramics and alternative cements. Notable contributions are in the production of layered and functionally gradient microstructures via electrophoretic deposition, gelcasting using natural gel formers, thermal shock of ceramics, the fracture resistance of porous ceramics, interpretation of indentation data, and in novel magnesium based cements. Main themes of current work in the area of advanced ceramics are ultra-high temperature ceramics for hypersonic flight, shaping of ceramics for turbine engines, ceramics for armour, 3D printing of ceramics, and modelling the heat evolution in wasteforms for high dose spent adsorbents used in Fukushima. He is also developing novel sorbents for uranium and investigating the ad- en desorption of radionuclide and heavy metal ions on cement phases for the safety case of geological disposal.

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