Special Symposia

Several special symposia will be organized during CICC-10. If you want to attend one of the following special symposia, please submit your abstract directly to ccs-cicc@vip.163.com, the secretariat of CICC-10.

Symposium A: Virtual Materials Design and Ceramic Genome
Symposium B: UHTC & MAX Phase Workshop 2017
Symposium C: Advanced Materials for Next Generation Nuclear Energy
Symposium D: Progress and Challenges in Lead-free Piezoelectrics
Symposium E: 先进陶瓷制备技术与产业化应用 (中文会场)
Symposium F: Geopolymer and Geopolymer Developed Ceramics & Composites



Symposium F
Geopolymer and Geopolymer Developed Ceramics & Composites

Geopolymer has become increasingly widespread over the past several decades because of its versatile and promising properties, including high compressive strength relative to standard Portland cement, fire-resistance, acid-resistance, rapid-set time, high performance/cost ratio, reduction in CO2 production compared to Portland cement, and ease of processing. Meanwhile, geopolymer technology also provides a novel way to synthesize ceramics and their composites through proper processing procedure. At present, geopolymer and related technologies have been applied in more and more fields, such as fire proof and heat resistant composites, ceramic processing, toxic waste management, water purification etc. In order to provide an open forum for researchers from around the world to share their views and up-to-date progress on the development in this filed, a special symposium with the theme of “Geopolymer and Geopolymer Developed Ceramics & Composites” will be the part of CICC-10, and a broader perspective is desired, involving synthesis, processing and microstructure, conversion to ceramics and crystallization mechanism, construction materials, geopolymer composites and ceramic matrix composites, geopolymer coatings, waste encapsulation, as well as sustainable materials and novel applications..

Proposed topics
SF1. Synthesis, processing and microstructure
SF2. Conversion to ceramics and crystallization mechanism
SF3. Geopolymer composites and related ceramic matrix composites
SF4. Construction materials
SF5. Geopolymer coatings
SF6. Waste encapsulation
SF7. Sustainable materials and novel applications

Symposium Organizers
De-Chang Jia, Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Ta-Wui Cheng, National Taipei University of Technology, Taiwan, China
Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia
Yun-Sheng Zhang, Southeast University, China
Xue-Min Cui, Guangxi University, China
Pei-Gang He, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Point of Contact
Prof. De-Chang Jia (dcjia@hit.edu.cn)
Dr. Pei-Gang He (hithepeigang@126.com)