Secretary General of CICC-10: Dr. Jianghong Gong (Email:;;
A one-day post-conference tour to Jingdezhen, "the Porcelain Capital of China", will be arranged on November 8, 2017.
  • 2017.04.18: A new symposium,Geopolymer and Geopolymer Developed Ceramics & Composites, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)
  • 2017.01.24: A new symposium,Progress and Challenges in Lead-free Piezoelectrics, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)
  • 2016.12.15: A new symposium, Advanced Materials for Next Generation Nuclear Energy, will be organized during CICC-10.  (details)
  • 2016.11.16: A new symposium, UHTC & MAX Phase Workshop 2017, will be organized during CICC-10. (details)
  • 2016.10.15: A special symposium, Virtual Materials Design and Ceramic Genome, will be organized during CICC-10. (details)
  • 2016.08.15: Recommendation of the candidates of invited speakers for CICC-10 is welcome (details).
  • 2016.08.15: The English webpage of CICC-10 is now available.


How to arrive at Nanchang

Domestic airlines: The are many airlines to Nanchang from main cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Kunming, etc..

International airlines: At present, one can fly to Nanchang directly from Hong Kong (China), Osaka (Japan) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Railway: The shortest time to take trains to Nanchang is about 8 hours from Beijing, about 4 hours from Shanghai, about 4 hours from Guangzhou, and about 5 hours from Shenzhen.

How to arrive at the Hotel

Information is to be available soon.