The Second China International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics (CICC-2)

The Second China International Conference on high-Performance Ceramics (CICC-2) was held on November 11 ~ 14, 2001, at Dianchi Garden Hotel & Spa, Kunming. The Organizers were Department of Materials Science of Yunnan University and State Key Laboratory of New Ceramics and Fine Processing (Tsinghua University).

Continuing the success of the first conference in the series, CICC-2 offered an international forum for the presentation, discussion and review of the latest advances in science and technology of high-performance ceramics. The response to the conference announcement was very positive and 237 experimental and theoretical scientists from 17 countries and regions were attracted to the Conference. The organizers received more than 300 abstracts of which 277 were chosen for presentation, including 8 plenary lectures, 31 invited lectures, 178 oral presentations. These contributions covered almost all the aspects of the field, including functional ceramics, structural ceramics, processing of ceramics and evaluation of ceramics.

The conference received 213 manuscripts from the participants and, after review process, 175 papers were finally accepted for publication in the Proceedings, which was then published as a special issue of Key Engineering Materials in 2002 (Vols. 224-226).

Plenary Lectures

  1. "Recent progress and future trends in functional ceramics" by Prof. Longtu Li (Tsinghua University, China)
  2. "Natural superlattice (layer-structured) oxides for thermoelectric conversion" by Prof. K. Koumoto (Nagoya University, Japan)
  3. "The trends of advanced structural ceramics research in China" by Prof. Jingkun Guo (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China)
  4. "Designing multilayer structures for engineering and bio-mechanical application" by Dr. B.R. Lawn (NIST, USA)
  5. "Integrating multinational collaborative research with undergraduate education: examples from materials science and engineering" by Prof. G. Kalonji (University of Washington, USA)
  6. "Aqueous tape casting and laminated composites of silicon carbide" by Prof. Dongliag Jiang (Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China)
  7. "Development of colloidal moulding for high performance ceramics" by Prof. Yong Huang (singhua University, China)
  8. "High oxide ion conductivity solid for solid oxide fuel cells" by Prof. O. Yamamoto (Mie University, Japan)